Unfortunately, we can no longer accept guardian applications unless you are flying with a specific veteran. Please do not fill out this application unless you are flying with a veteran you already know. Thank you for your cooperation.

A Guardian serves as a trained, traveling companion to our Honor Flight participants, who are all aged in the upper 80's and 90's.

Guardian Requirements

IMPORTANT: Guardian applications MUST be filled out by anyone hoping to serve as a guardian. This includes family members wanting to be paired with a specific veteran. Please write the name of the veteran you would like to accompany on your guardian application. If you meet all the requirements, we try our best to accommodate those requests.

Click here to download your application.
NO guardian fee is due at this time.
If you are selected for a flight you can pay your $500 guardian fee here on Pay Pal or bring a check to your mandatory training session.

Return completed application to:

Stars and Stripes Honor Flight, Inc.
ATTN: Guardian Application
P.O. Box 526
Port Washington WI 53074-0526

Or fax application: 262 546-5656

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